Air Conditioning Maintenance

mullin-ac01Mullin Services offers a wide range of air conditioning maintenance programs to fit your AC system’s needs. A routine maintenance on your air conditioning unit will not only prolong the life of your system, but save you money on costly repairs down the road.

Maintaining your air conditioning system will insure proper operation and keep your AC system efficient, with routine air filter changes and cleaning. This will help you improve your air conditioning system’s performance and lower energy costs.

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Our AC Maintenance Checklist:

  • Inspect & replace air filters.
  • Inspect & Lubricate all fans and motor bearings if needed.
  • Clean blower assembly of normal dirt.
  • Inspect all belts & replace as needed.
  • Inspect & Adjust Valves & Dampers.
  • Take Ampere readings on all motors & compressors.
  • Inspect the refrigerant operating pressures as required.
  • Calibrating Safety controls & Temperature controls.
  • Visually check units for refrigerant gas & oil leaks.
  • Inspect condensate pumps.
  • Clean out drain lines using co2.
  • Check electrical connections & tighten if needed.
  • Check condensate pan.
  • Supply acid tablets to help prevent buildup in pan.
  • Check thermostat calibration & recalibrate if needed.
  • Inspect condition of coils.
  • Inspect supply & return air temperature.
  • Test overall operation of the air conditioning equipment.

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